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Miles Away & Adam Pearce Flip Hey Violet’s ‘Hoodie’

When I first found this remix in my inbox, I had no doubt that I had to give it a share.  While I was unsure who any of the artists involved were, the track quickly stuck out amongst the masses and grabbed my attention.

The track I’m referring to is the new remix of Hey Violet‘s tune, “Hoodie“, by Miles Away and Adam Pearce.  While Hey Violet calls LA home, the duo Miles Away and solo artist Adam Pearce all hail from Vancouver.

When asked about the remix the guys said, “Hoodie is a track that we instantly loved, knowing there are no remixes yet, we had to jump on one“.  All I know is I am glad they did.  The upgraded production brings the track to a whole new level, making it work for the lovers of blaring Electronic.  

Production wise, the flip is both musical and impressive.  Bright synths, subtle guitar riffs and glitchy, rhythmic elements all come together to create a captivating release.  Not only does this remix show off their collective production chops, but their ability to work with other influences and elements and create something that is truly their own.

Powerful, melodic, epic – great work on this one for sure.

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