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“Milk It”- The New Anthem of Success

A powerful and hard hitting bass with an addictive beat is the best way to describe “Milk It”  by Rony Rex, whose new track encapsulates the fun and freedom of summer. Multi-talented Finnish producer, Rony Rex, is back with his electrifying new single “Milk It,” which features accomplished singer/songwriter Carla Monroe (who wrote/sang MK’s global hit “17”). 

As a self-described unicorn breeder and club (music) counselor, Rony Rex holds the title of an artistic, clever tastemaker with his feet planted in the heart of the underground. Holding down a residency with Finland’s YleX Radio and a partnership with Red Bull, the dancefloor-inspired Rony Rex holds a notable voice and personality in the electronic music space. Beginning with “Sticky Fingers” in 2017, Rony Rex kicked off his own wave of dance music with his signature style and went on to release singles like “Lift Yo Legs” and “Like This”, receiving support from the likes of Don Diablo, Anna Lunoe, Fedde Le Grand and many more.

A fun and bouncy track that has the makings of a hit, “Milk It” reflects Rony Rex’s style and mantra to a tee. Monroe’s vocals and Rex’s production chops combine for a delightful final product that Rex claims has a message I can align myself with,” with vocalist and songwriter Carla Monroe explaining further that the songcelebrates success – investing the sweat, grit and determination to make a dream reality and then making the most of the moment to celebrate when it all pays off; ie “Milking It’.” The song captures the desire and drive it takes to make a dream a reality with its gritty and powerful production and lyrics. The “blood and sweat” mentality that both Monroe and Rex live by is apparent in “Milk It,” allowing listeners to truly understand the exhilarating feeling of enjoying a success that was difficult to attain. The song itself is bold, exciting, energetic and enough to motivate listeners to chase and work for their goals, which is the perfect mentality to kick off this summer and follow into the fall. In other words,“Milk It” isn’t just about working towards a goal, but also living in the moment and appreciating the current successes. 

This thrilling and exhilarating track is sure to be a summer hit, since the vibe and mood of the song is nothing short of reckless, powerful, and gritty. The unapologetic lyrics matched with the pulsating beat is enough for listeners to feel empowered, since the track exudes and demands absolute confidence.

 “Milk It” is just one example of the many amazing tracks by Ronny Rex, and it continues to display his talents and cement his spot in the electronic music scene. 

 “Milk It” is out now for streaming and purchase.

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