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Milky Chance Delivers Their New Pyschadelic Disco Jam, "Synchronize."

Milky Chance delivers a psychedelic rock and disco padded anthem with their newest release “Synchronize.” “Synchronize” is an instant banger and euphoric dance track. It has a rocking pre-chorus that is filled with tension and ambient acoustic guitars that are later packed with a punchy dance chorus.

The creative minds behind this upbeat and energetic track are the two people who make up Milky Chance. Milky Chance is a duo who met in high school and have been best friends ever since. Milky Chance currently resides in Kassel, Germany, and continues to make trailblazing music that resonates throughout the world.

Milky Chance is intentional with their lead vocals. It is a mix of distortion and light vocals, making listeners feel like they are in the beautiful fever dream that Milky Chance has created.

“Crystalize”, “bodies moving”, ” purple cloud,” and “smoke in the sky” ...

are just some of the few vivid lyrics that add to the beautiful imagery of the song. Milky Chance are true artists. They have the ability to paint a musical world with their bumping instrumentals and trippy vocals, creating the perfect song for listeners to let go and feel free.

“Synchronize” is no doubt an upbeat disco jam, but differs from typical dance songs with it’s effortlessly cool 70s rock vibe. “Synchronize” feels like a smoky and wavy west cost drive into the desert with friends. “Synchronize” is cool, reflective, trippy, and energetic. It is a psychedelic, groovy, addictive, and instant “feel good” song, perfect for the upcoming summer season.

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