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Mimah Is Fierce: Find Out More Here

An artist who’s symbol is a crocodile – and who is just as fierce as this reptile. Full of attitude, great songwriting and lyrics, singing and rap – Mimah is certainly one to watch!

When asked in a recent interview: ‘What inspires you to write a song?‘ Mimah answered:

“I’m inspired by emotion and tend to only write when I’m in an intense state of one. This won’t always mean when I’m sad or mad- even just when I’m excited about something. I like writing dreamy, psychedelic lyrics that are quite cartoon-like.”

With music that could make you feel badass whilst crying at the same time, Mimah’s emotional sound combined with passionate and social reflective lyrics finds humour in our everyday struggles and reflects on what it means really to be human.

Drawing inspiration from an unwanted existential crisis, ‘Panacea’ aims to live up to its name, which defined means, ‘a solution or remedy for all difficulties’. ‘The medicine, named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy Panacea, is any supposed remedy that is claimed to cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely.’

With a newfound awareness of mortality, combined with the desire for any listener to unleash their own inner goddess, this EP hopes to be the eternal remedy we’ve all been searching for.

Stream ‘Panacea’ here:

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