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Minula Switch Gears with ‘Memories’ [VIDEO]

Here is a seriously tasty jam from Norwegian Pop-Rock band Minula.  With its founding members having roots in the Metal and Hardcore scene in their homeland, the new Pop leaning outfit may be a bit left field – but it works so well.

While they still maintain some grit and edge through driving guitar rhythms, energetic vocals and pounding drums, beautiful melodies and ethereal soundscapes now dominate.  Their new single (and lyric video), “Memories”, is the third single from their new album, “Lovelust”, and overall it is uplifting, dynamic and anthemic jam.

Beyond the catchy toplines, the production is incredibly clean, clearly showcasing the members experience, musicianship and understanding of musical theory.  Everything about this tune comes together flawlessly.  Chill and emotional verses quickly pick up and give way to huge wall of sound – layers of ethereal melodies fill the background while rhythm is guitar drives it home and the vocals soar.

Do yourself a favor and check out the album below.  If explosive Pop-Rock is your thing, you’re going to want to get familiar with Minula.

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