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Moli Cries in the Swimming Pool In Transformative New Hit

Inspired by the painful feelings of loneliness and isolation, Moli's "Crying in the Swimming Pool" embodies a tough moment when she feels like all of her emotions might come pouring out. Delivering a strong radio-friendly melody and vulnerable lyrics, the song communicates a relatable sort of sadness as a catalyst to her emotional and artistic transformation this year. Displaying a high level of maturity at only 21 years old, Moli's work resonates with listeners well beyond her years. Incorporating a slight 80's synth to uplift the songs instrumentation, "Crying in the Swimming Pool" creates an interesting fusion of sounds that is not only reminiscent but soothing to the listeners.

About Moli: Based in Berlin at the Embassy of Music, her first single “Disconnected:” was released in June 2020 as a part of her second EP. Beginning her career in 2018, and showing no signs of stopping after her debut solo single “Didn't Mean To” Moli continued on with her career taking her chances in London. It was here where she met producer Chris Zane who combined Moli’s love of the glamorous 80’s aesthetic with French 70’s Cinema, which evolved her writing styles paving the way for some of her newer works. With her newest single “Crying in the Swimming Pool” Moli continues to grow as an artist leaving listeners yearning for more.

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