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Molly Moore’s NEW EP is Out Of This World

We are beyond excited to share Molly Moore‘s NEW EP with you.

Molly Moore – Shadow of the Sun (Full EP)

Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette are not shy about their relationship (personally and professionally). While it’s often said that opposites attract, in this case it is clear that these two are on the same wavelength. These two similarly amazing talents have joined forces to bless the world with their unique brand of alternative soul. At every step, these two talents are sharing each-other’s releases as seen most vividly on their SoundCloud pages. Even with their interviews, they are often together and it is clear that they are a wonderful couple in every way.

BKxLA | Brandyn Burnette Molly Moore | Interview

Last month Brandyn brought us “Made Of Dreams“, an incredible EP featuring one of the best songs of the year “I Wanna Be (Free)“…

Brandyn Burnette – I Wanna Be (Free) ft. Nevelle Viracocha

…and today, Molly has blessed the world with her highly anticipated “Shadow of the Sun” EP, featuring my personal favorite track of the year “Natural Disaster” which spawned numerous remixes, an epic lyric video, and was her first breakout single to garner significant critical acclaim and love from listeners from around the world on SoundCloud. Other standout tracks from Molly‘s new EP include the title track and the cleverly titled “Peace of My Heart“.

Molly Moore – Natural Disaster

Molly Moore – Shadow of the Sun

Molly Moore – Peace of My Heart

At my request, Molly provided RocDaFuqOut with this exclusive quote about the inspiration behind her new EP “Shadow of the Sun“:

I wanted to call this EP Shadow of the Sun because it describes where I’ve been in my journey & what I am coming out of. I think most people have that moment where they look at their lives & decide if what they’re doing & focusing on is truly making them happy. I had that happen & this body of work came out of it. It’s very vulnerable & true to my life. I’m excited to continue releasing new music in the new year, too!

Echoing Molly‘s thoughts, I leave you with this quote by Jim Henson…


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