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More Like House of SLAY…

To say I am slightly obsessed with House of SAY might be a bit of an understatement.  When I found their debut single, “Money”, in our inbox, I was immediately blown away by the unique yet concise vocals, clean and dynamic production and overall poppy goodness.  

Since then they have picked up some major steam while also continuing to march to the beat of their own drum.  Their last single, “Ghost”, caught the attention of Gaffa Star and landed in rotation on Swedish radio.  Once again they are back with, “Know It”, and I literally can’t even –  they have somehow turned me into a basic bitch.  

The new tune, while maintaining their incredible Pop sensibilities also comes along with a major message – as if I couldn’t like them more.  About the release they say, “”Know It” urges for the strengthening of women and girls, the right to their own body and the end of violations of all kinds.  We want to continue giving fuel in the march for  #metoo.

What also makes them one of my favorite new artists on the scene is there writing process, which seems to come totally naturally and without expectation.  Regarding the creation of this jam they say, “The song was written in a small cabin in the forest last winter.  It was cold and we needed some heat after being outdoors in a snowy forest, sampled voices and wood crunching that we planned to use in our productions.  Once inside the cottage, we found the heat of an 808 bass, the bang of a marimba and the air in an ambient murmur, and then the writing and recording went fast and smooth.

If you have yet to check out House of SAY, now is your chance.  Thank me later.

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