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Movie Night Releases Inspirational New Single "Something"

Movie Night, the NYC-based trio comprised of Mike Squillante, Nick Squillante, and Steve Ranellone, brings a refreshing blend of hard work, passion, and precision to their latest single, "Something." The new release features vocals from Grammy-nominated artist Tish Hyman which helps to further add to the hype, collectively all coming together to create and inspirational and uplifting bop that is sure to resonate with the masses. The song's thematic depth delves into self-love, personal empowerment, and the unwavering belief in creating positive change through empathy. Movie Night's commitment to their own artistic journey, combined with their impressive industry background, makes, "Something," not just a track but a testament to their resilience and dedication. Incorporating influences from their diverse experiences, Movie Night crafts a sound that is both authentic and empowering. The trio's ability to seamlessly merge their individual talents into a cohesive musical force that is clearly evident throughout, "Something."

Over the last five years, Movie Night have been honing their skills as a solo act while also contributing their talents to projects behind the scenes with industry heavyweights. Mike Squillante's experience as a touring guitarist/keyboardist for major label acts like Melanie Martinez and Gnash, coupled with Nick Squillante's role as an engineer at NYC's iconic Electric Lady Studios, reflects their dedication to the craft. The trio's decision to shift their focus to their own artistic endeavors marks a pivotal moment in their career. Teaming up with childhood friend and seasoned drummer Steve Ranellone, Movie Night signed with LA-based powerhouse IDAP Music in 2018. Movie Night's journey from being students of the game to creators of their own narrative is reflected in this single, making it a celebration of their hard work and the pursuit of their artistic dreams.

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