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Multi-Platinum Singer Mimoza Explores Self-Love in "Madly"

Los Angeles-based recording artist Mimoza is back with a self-love anthem about finding her strength and inner confidence; "Madly" is coined a 'romantic pastel-dipped pop hit' as Mimoza vows to never settle for second best. Featuring her signature soaring vocals and heart-on-sleeve lyrical prowess, the pop darling offers soul-drenched melodies over catchy piano chords fit for the mainstream.

With lyrics like "all the times you left me hopeless / do you regret me leaving"....she reminds her past relationship that they hurt her and now, she is more than ready to move on.

On the video, Mimoza says, “My concept for the video was 'modern romance.' I think we often romanticize how beautiful life would be if that one person fell in love with us but what if we romanticized falling in love with ourselves first?" Self-Love has always been a topic close to Mimoza's heart. Accentuating her values in "Madly" we are offered a vulnerable pop hit that many of her loyal listeners will relate to.

Mimoza is signed to Universal Music Group and has over 100 million streams across platforms. She further co-wrote the multi-platinum Billboard charting single "Kings & Queens" by Ava Max.

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