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Music Career Map Launches ‘Music Industry Experts’

Music Career Map, Inc. has launched Music Industry Experts, a consulting agency offering real-time sessions with managers, agents, promoters, attorneys and more. Their initial roster of over fifteen professionals from the teams of Rihanna, Alice Cooper, The Killers, The Black Keys, NF, Fleet Foxes, I Prevail, and Mutemath as well as companies like LiveNation, AEG, UTA/Agency Group, The Roxy, Knitting Factory, Starland Ballroom, HBO, Comedy Central, and entire music economies.

With COVID-19 halting live events and impacting in-person education, Music Industry Experts offers students, musicians, entrepreneurs, educators and parents the ability to connect with experienced industry professionals. This allows access to valuable perspective, a large industry network as well as the ability to discover opportunities and advance their career. These sessions also provide professionals with alternative income while the industry suffers from a lack of revenue from live events, which are likely on hold until well into 2021, if not later.

“The agency was a natural evolution of our model,” states Brian Penick, CEO and Founder of Music Career Map, a serial entrepreneur and former professional musician. “So many other industries rely on professional consulting, and I wanted to adopt an ethical and transparent way for the music industry to utilize. It breaks my heart knowing how many talented professionals are struggling. This is a great way to bridge the gap while helping tomorrow’s generation of musicians and music professionals advance their careers. It’s a literal win-win for everyone.”

Music Career Map has been on a growth streak throughout 2020 starting with the launch of Music Industry Careers, a music-focused career marketplace, back in August. The company has also received venture investment from several firms and increased its staff to nearly ten people.

Music Career Map will be expanding with an upcoming online academy, in addition to announcing a private-label build of their full product suite for a party representing a top three  US market. The custom build capability will continue to expand within and beyond the music industry, and Music Career Map is currently exploring several additional enterprise-level builds.

“Our custom builds allow us to help stimulate both entire industries and local economies,” Penick adds. “Our mission is simple: we want to help people gain access to education, experience, and employment, all while empowering local goods and service providers. When we teach people to be better entrepreneurs, especially creatives, while providing equal opportunities, they’ll stand a better chance to survive, especially in times of crisis like we’re currently facing.”

To view bios of the Music Industry Experts, book sessions (individual, group, or class), or purchase gift certificates, visit

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