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Music Development Agency ‘Artist Collective’ Offers A Free Month Of Courses Teaching Artists How to

Visit Artist Collective’s Website Here

Chicago’s premiere artist development and consulting company ‘Artist Collective’ will be offering a free month trial during quarantine, introducing new classes each week to help musicians further connect with their audiences online while everyone is home. From the importance of fan engagement to teaching artists how to throw their own live stream concert, Artist Collective plans to uplift musicians during a time where there has been a forced ‘boom’ in livestreaming. Co-founders Evan Price & Vinnie Hines understand that the music industry has undergone rapid changes in a very short period. As artists scramble to adapt, Artist Collective hopes to be a go-to resource for musicians during this turbulent time. Spearheading a community of dedicated music entrepreneurs, Evan & Vinnie are committed to sharing knowledge of the new music industry through live chats with industry professionals alongside a library of the latest strategies and courses.

After 15 years in the music industry, co-founder Evan Price has had first hand experience in roles such as bouncer, touring drummer, promoter, digital marketer, manager and various types of artist development. Vinnie Hines is a full-time musician and booking agent with over a decade of experience in entertainment. From humble beginnings singing Midwestern bar gigs to now with more than 2,000 performances worldwide, and a ‘Golden Ticket’ on American Idol XV, he has solidified himself as an industry professional. Their background offers a sense of empathy to the artists using their platform, encouraging mindful approaches toward investment in personal branding, collaboration and creating long-lasting connections with fans. Artist Collective is for musicians, vocalists, producers, managers and any creative entrepreneur who is ready to turn their part-time hobby into a full-time business. For LIVE training and new industry applications during quarantine, join Artist Collective for a free 30 day trial here.

Be sure to follow Artist Collective on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for more updates!

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