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Music From The Heart

While we generally don’t review releases that are older than a couple of months, when we found, “It Really Happened“, from Paris Jones in our inbox, we were compelled to share.

Even before we knew why this song was created, on the first listen, there was an energy and emotion that bled through and gave us chills.  The production, dark, minimal and somber is created with a single eerie synth line, filtered vocals and some drums in the forefront.  Vocally you can feel how hard it is for Paris to get through this tune.  Speaking from the heart, he reflects on the turn of events that have led him to this point, and as a listener it is both crushing and inspirational. 

The press release from Paris Jones states, “I wrote this song about my son passing away. When I first released it, I posted and left it alone. It was too much to deal with emotionally to promote it. Its been a year and some change now and I am in a better place.

For me, a new dad with a 1.5 year old son, I could not even begin to imagine how devastating this would be.  For so many, music is a way to release, express their deepest emotions and heal… and I believe that is exactly why this song was created.

I commend his strength and appreciate him shedding his soul on this one.

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