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Musicians Desk Reference Launches Career Marketplace & Online Academy

Musicians Desk Reference, a music business and career development platform, announced the expansion of its product suite and new partnerships. The first of the latest products, Music Industry Careers (MusicIndustry.Careers), a career and opportunity marketplace, launches today. Several additional products are scheduled for launch later in 2020, including an online academy, a media outlet and a new parent organization for all products, including Musicians Desk Reference.

Music Industry Careers is a career development resource built to strengthen the music community, help musicians and music professionals generate alternative revenue and stimulate the overall music economy. The platform offers “Careers,” which include internships, freelance work and part/full-time employment, in addition to “Opportunities” ranging from peer-to-peer collaborations to professional services and more. Additional opportunities include mentoring and online lessons, which can help furloughed music industry professionals and musicians unable to tour due to the pandemic earn compensation for their talent and experience.

Founder & CEO Brian Penick

Music Industry Careers is free to sign up, build a profile, apply to all listings and post free Careers and Opportunities. Premium services include posting fee-based Opportunities, featured listings, and dedicated applicant campaigns. In order to provide only the best current offerings, Music Industry Careers removes all Career and Opportunity postings from the platform every 30-days, although listings can be renewed with a single click. All profiles remain online once created.

“The existing career development landscape makes it difficult to find music-related offerings, which is why much of our industry does not utilize products like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Craigslist, UpWork and Fiverr. We’ve built something special that’s dedicated to our community,” states Brian Penick, a former professional musician, exited music tech startup entrepreneur and CEO and Founder of Music Industry Careers and Musicians Desk Reference. “Our growth with these new products will continue with this theme; all focused on building a more sustainable music industry.”

Musicians Desk Reference launched initially as a music project management system in 2013, quickly expanding into the education sector. A growing number of universities and schools have since adopted the platform as a modernized education standard. Musicians Desk Reference has helped thousands of musicians, music professionals, educators and students worldwide.

Music Industry Careers is partnering with educational institutions to leverage the platform for student success. These “Education Partners” will receive access to guest lectures from top industry experts, early access to new products and branded marketing materials, including case studies, featured listings and more. The program is free and available to all educators to help schools and students impacted by COVID-19.

The remainder of 2020 will bring several additional announcements, including an economic development partnership to offer all products as a private-label solution to a top 3 US market. “We could not be more excited for the future, and our product launches are coming when the music industry needs it most,” notes Penick.

To discover music careers, opportunities and a professional music community, sign up for a free account at

Institutions interested in becoming an Education Partner can find more information at

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