• Nicholas Zallo

My New Obsession: E^ST

As someone who’s life is totally consumed by music, it isn’t that often that I find a song (or artist) that totally blows me away.  While I do like (love) tons of tunes, when you listen to as much music as I do, it is not all that often that you find a song that pushes all others to the side and takes precedent.  That being said… anyone in my office can tell you that I am absolutely in love with the new tune (and video) from AUS teenage nonconformist E^ST

Following on the heels of 3 attention grabbing EP’s (signing a deal with Warner at just 16), she is back once more with, “Life Goes On“, and it is an absolute anthem.  The stellar release came to life during a writing stint in the UK with producer Jim Elliot (Ellie Goulding, Foxes).  When asked about how it came to be, E^ST says, “As soon as he played that piano line I knew what I wanted to write about.  It’s something very personal to me, about ghosts that aren’t physically with you anymore but still leave an impression. It’s admitting to missing someone but accepting that you have to let go of people sometimes.

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#EST #LifeGoesOn

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