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Mysterious ilo ilo are BACK with ‘Let Me Go’

You better be keeping an eye on ilo ilo.  First coming on to our radar with the banging debut below, the mysterious new artist is back again with a new vibe.

Impressive on all fronts, the clean mixes, slick production and signature vocals help to make ilo ilo stand out from the pack.  Reminiscent of the impact Zhu made when he first jumped onto the scene, there is something super original and totally banging about ilo ilo.  I’d honestly be surprised if this didn’t turn out to be a new moniker of an already established, top tier producer – shit is just too good.

On their latest single, “Let Me Go”, the tune opens with vocals and some beautifully bright, tropical sounding synths – but from there it just gets cray.  Glitchy, perfectly executed, melodic synth programming takes over bringing an undeniable bounce and a great vibe.

Already signing on with some major management and booking agents, the sky seems to be the limit for this enigmatic music/art project.  Interesting roll outs, captivating video content, an aura of mystery all help to add to what seems to be so great about ilo ilo – but, for me it always comes down to the music…. and they are nailing that.

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