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Nadia Kamrath Releases Ethereal and Vulnerable New Track, “Seven Steps Behind You”

Nadia Kamrath’s new song “Seven Steps Behind You” gives listeners a piece of Nadia’s heart and emotional outlook on her life.

Nadia puts pen to paper, writing vulnerable lyrics that are raw and honest without feeling contrived or formulated. Her writing is as organic and free as her singing, imitating no artist but herself and finding inspiration in her life experiences.

“Seven Steps Behind You” is a song about trying to reach out to someone who is emotionally distant and the feelings of loneliness and sadness that comes from a situation like that. Nadia’s lyrics depict her wanting to love someone and feel needed, even though her partner has walked away and abandoned their connection.

“A lightning love affair...”

that has crumbled and fallen to pieces, leaving Nadia to stand on her own and witness the wreckage while her partner is absent and cold.

Violins, strings, and other classical orchestrations are coated throughout the instrumentation of the song, supporting Nadia’s soft, yet emotional voice. Her voice soars on top of the elastic and warm guitar strums and light acoustic guitar picking.

“Seven Steps Behind You” not only showcases Nadia’s ability to write a great indie-pop track, but the inclusion of romantic and sweet strings, blended with a forceful piano, indicates her ability as an artist to create drama and movement in her songs.

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