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Namakau Star's "Life On Pluto" EP: VibeGoddess a sonic journey influenced from Zambia, Johannesburg

Namakau Star is poised to unveil her latest musical creation, the pop EP "Life On Pluto," set to hit the airwaves on October 20th. This highly anticipated the pop EP "Life On Pluto," on October 20th. This highly anticipated release delves into a range of themes including spiritual principles, personal evolution, and love, reflecting Namakau's profound artistic journey. Unafraid to candidly share her life experiences, she embraces authenticity and honors the creative process. The EP defies categorization, seamlessly blending pop, soft rock, and cutting-edge electronic production. With its compelling narratives, infectious hooks, and soothing vocals, listeners are bound to be singing along. The collaboration that birthed the EP began as an online connection, ultimately blossoming into a full-fledged partnership with the dynamic German Pop Collective, The Planetoids. Their vibrant energy and exceptional musical prowess came to the forefront during performances at events like Baseline Festival, MTN Bushfire, and the Africa Rising Music Conference by Night Stage earlier this year. This collaboration unfolded during Namakau Star's inaugural international tour in Germany, where she met the collective in person. Immersed in the enchanting landscapes of Berlin, Namakau embarked on a creative odyssey, armed only with an AMP, a microphone, and her distinctive artwork. She took to the streets, busking, participating in open mics, and engaging with people in real-time, spreading her message of love and hope. It was within this inspiring environment that she recorded two captivating songs, now integral parts of "Life On Pluto." The EP's lead single, "Boomerang," has struck a chord with Namakau Star's dedicated following and is gaining rapid momentum on local South African radio stations, setting the stage for the EP's eagerly anticipated release.

Listen to the track on your favorite store using the Fanlink: Here

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