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Nashville Flow Pop Artist danny G Releases New Single Reminding Fans It’s Okay To Be “yung”

Flow Pop artist danny G delivers a strong follow-up to his latest collaboration with Gym Class Heroes Travie McCoy with his newest single “yung”, set to release March 26th. “yung” flawlessly delivers that “wild for a night” vibe as it encourages millennials and gen z’ers to hang onto their youthful spirit. In truth, this could apply to all generations – the ‘forever young’ mantra is deeply rooted in danny’s ethos as he understands that those who live life with enthusiasm, lead happier lives. The cover art says it all; the cartoon version of danny surrounds himself with childhood nostalgia like Lunchables pizza packs, Capri Suns and Goosebump books. While he recalls his adolescence, danny doesn’t seem stuck there; his unique ability to organically evolve from his past yet still acknowledge it in a positive way is something that proves difficult to many artists. His sound is fresh and new; “yung” in particular delivers a larger than life production paired with minor keys to reflect the styles of popular artists like Kyle & Lil Yachty, offering an infectious bounce throughout.

“yung” is another youthful anthem, playing off of “long live”. In the second verse I shout out a whole bunch of hometown references and even the names of some of my closest friends so it’s a super special one to me. With this song I just want to portray that feeling of youth and for people to feel that it’s okay to let loose once in a while and forget about the way we’re “supposed” to act. – danny G

With lyrics like “I’m just trying to live a fairy tale, fairy tale, life. I don’t listen people tell me I, gotta act right.” danny wishes he could maintain that level of naivete that comes with being young and avoiding all of that ‘adulting’ we get introduced to in our early 20’s. This year in particular has introduced a new level of intensity to the world and danny’s best friend-like demeanor invites an escape to us all. He keeps it lighthearted, but the reality placed on his generation inevitably sneaks it’s way in with lyrics like “Where were you when I was in debt? Where are you cuz I’m still in debt?” Ahh student loan debt…yet another common reason to want an escape from reality.

danny G coined the term “flow pop” to describe his pop/rap infused sonic landscape, reminiscent of acts like G-Eazy and early Mac Miller. In a world that craves a humanized approach to art, danny G is fearlessly himself. As a 22 year old who defies genre limits, he draws inspiration from top pop acts such as Charlie Puth while at the same time harnessing influence from rappers like Dave East and YBN Cordae. danny pushes authenticity and love as he aims to inspire those who come across his artistry to be themselves and embrace their imperfections. The recent college graduate garnered the attention of big acts in 2019, putting out records with Xuitcasecity, Cam Meekins, and even hitting the studio with Gym Class Heroes frontman, Travie McCoy. danny is poised for a huge 2020 with lots of fun surprises on the way that you won’t want to miss.

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