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Nashville Power House, Eva Snyder, Releases Her New Song, "boy, cry"

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

From Massachusetts to San Francisco, and now Nashville, singer-songwriter Eva Snyder combines stripped-back instrumentals with simple, yet beautiful vocal arrangements to create her first single of 2022, “boy, cry.”

“boy, cry” is a cozy and comforting pop-country song that details a breakup where one partner can’t confront and allow their emotions to be felt during the climax of a distant and broken relationship. Snyder’s warm-toned vocals and classic harmonies add to the overall atmosphere of her song by creating an intimate and vulnerable experience for listeners. “boy, cry” highlights Snyders ability as a lyricist to create deeply personal lyrics that still feel universal. Audiences can relate and cry to “boy, cry” while still getting insight into Snyders life experiences and personal struggles.

Crediting Maren Morris, Halsey, and Julia Micheals, it is clear that Snyders’ one-of-a-kind story-telling ability and raw lyrics, a staple in classic country music, draws from these musical divas. Snyder is the quintessential singer-songwriter with her deeply personal, visual, and transparent lyrics and her acoustic guitar. “boy, cry” highlights Snyders’ ability to take a simple melody and transform it into something incredibly unique. Her soothing, yet full vocals allow listeners to feel like they are with Snyder in person and are being serenaded through their own breakup.

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