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Nashville’s danny G Laces Up For The Release of the Official Music Video for “reeboks”

Ready to ‘ace’ the new year, Nashville flow-pop artist danny G is lacing those reeboks up for the release of the official music video to his 2020 single “reeboks”. “reeboks” serves a unique story off the heels of high praise from top tier publications such as Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, and Forbes. In continuation of his winning streak, “reeboks” celebrates women who own their own journey. Directed by Caleb Seales & Jai Green at OPNSZN, the captivating and fun-loving video was filmed in Atlanta, GA. It follows a narrative of danny playing tennis against love interest, Adeline Troutman. danny plays to win the game and ultimately, her heart. As the video progresses, the viewer comes to understand that danny is not actually in love with her, but instead her sneakers. Reeboks. Classic and iconic. 

Partnering with fashion brand Reebok™, danny reps their sneakers in the single artwork and has worked with the company to give away shoes to fans around the song. When writing “reeboks”, danny chose to create a melody to match the swaggy vibe you get when a girl knows exactly what she wants and goes out and gets it. “The reeboks video was a blast, being my first little ‘go’ at playing a character on screen. It’s super lighthearted and goofy, so honestly it wasn’t too difficult for me since I’d say those two qualities are a pretty accurate description of who I am anyways!” says danny.

He goes onto say: “We framed the entire video to make it appear as if I was enamored by a girl but it’s then revealed that the whole time it was her classic reeboks that were catching my interest. I’m pumped for people to check out the video, it’s definitely another side of me that nobody’s really seen yet. It’s one thing to sing behind a mic, but being up in front of that camera is a whole different energy that I’m looking forward to exploring more in the future.” 

Inspired by his current girlfriend, danny talks about how nice it is to have a super independent partner who is as focused on her career as he is on his own. Her drive and ambition make the perfect match for him and he chose to highlight this with a vibey track rather than a love ballad, to better match her personality. His choice to specifically highlight Reeboks comes from his love of that classic, old school feel. “I’ve loved Reeboks for a while and they’re just timeless so they’ll be around forever. Simple and fire, like the girl in the song. Nothing better than a classic pair of white reeboks.” – danny G.

Truly leaning into his uniquely coined ‘flow pop’ sound, danny continues to offer fans a seamless combination of pop and hip hop. A recent college graduate, danny garnered the attention of big acts in 2019, putting out records with Xuitcasecity, Cam Meekins, and even hitting the studio with Gym Class Heroes frontman, Travie McCoy. Having been compared to acts like G-Eazy, Mac Miller, and most recently Chance the Rapper, danny takes a trending sound and makes it his own through youthful narratives to remind his fans that you’re only as old as you think you are. Never falling short of good vibes, danny G is an artist on the rise in 2021.

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