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Nashville’s Indie Pop Scene Just Got More Electric With daena’s debut EP!

Nashville, known as ‘Music City’, is known for its country music, hot chicken and Johnny Cash. There is a deep-rooted history in Nashville, upholding many traditions that still hold true today. But times have quickly evolved and in many ways, music city has blossomed by welcoming all genres into its melting pot of talent. The growth of Nashville’s indie pop scene is a recent development. It has exploded with gifted performers and local artist daena gives them a definite run for their money. daena (and yes, it is supposed to be all lowercase) is a queer woman in the bible belt who’s music has exploded in just a short period of time. Gaining recognition from Spotify, one of her first two singles entitled: “Close Isn’t Enough” made it to their Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Poptronix, and Night Pop playlists. Her quick rise undoubtedly inspires and daena hopes to be a role model for other young people and musicians within the queer community

daena release her debut EP today! “Electric!” introduces a higher quality to indie music, easily setting her apart from the pack. Filled with lush layered vocals, glittery synths and punchy guitar, this retro-inspired EP encourages listeners to treasure the beautiful moments in life, flashing glimpses of clarity to listeners in the darkness. The EP, produced by local artist griggs, delivers a refreshing blend of catchy pop melodies and authentic, relatable lyrics. This pairing alone gives energy to listeners fueled by the transfer from positive to negative points – hence the title “Electric!”

daena embraces every vibe with six unforgettable tracks that transport fans down a path of hope, confidence and vulnerability. If you’re in Nashville tonight, you can see her perform the EP LIVE at Breaking Sound Nashville! Ticket info can be found here.

Be sure to follow daena on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to stay up to date on her evolution and progress in Nashville & beyond.

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