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‘Nazo’: Megatronic's Latest Musical Collaboration - A blend of Electronic Swing and South African Soul!

Back again on the global music scene with another electrifying moment as Megatronic, a versatile DJ, musician, and producer, gets ready for the release of her second hit, "Nazo." Following the success of her previous release, "Rumours," featuring Wandile Mbambeni, Megatronic is back with a powerhouse lineup and a mission to drop back-to-back hits.

Set to be released on March 22, 2024, the song not only showcases Megatronic collaborating with an array of talented artists including Venusraps, Zimkhitha, and Domenica Fossati, to create a unique blend of calming yet groovy sounds with a touch of Hip-Hop.

Born from collaboration and inspiration drawn from the Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC), specifically within the Searching For Paradise studio sessions. One of the continent's premier music initiatives, ‘Nazo’ not only showcases Megatronic's signature electronic sound infused with soulful jazz but also integrates Venusraps' Hip-hop flow and the fresh, soulful voices of Zimkhitha and Domenica Fossati.

Megatronic, known for her prowess in blending genres and creating music that resonates with audiences worldwide, continues to push the envelope with "Nazo," delivering a track that is both infectious and introspective.

'Nazo' as another fruit of the partnership between Paradise Africa and Africa Rising Music Conference. ARMC has been instrumental in providing a platform for artists to connect, collaborate, and showcase their unique talents. 'Nazo' is a testament to the richness of creativity that arises when artists from diverse backgrounds come together.

Get ready to add 'Nazo' to your playlist and experience the magic of global musical fusion. "Nazo" will be available for streaming on all major platforms, offering music enthusiasts a fresh, eccentric sound and a glimpse into Megatronic's versatile talent alongside local African artists.

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