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Neena Isn’t Playing Games [VIDEO]

Up and coming 18 year old UK artist neena first came onto the scene in 2015 with her well received singles, “Roses”, and “Run”.  Now after taking 2 years off from release to focus on creating her new album, she is back once again and in prime fashion.

Her new single and video for, “The Game”, is the first single from the new project and is more than enough to get new and old fans alike excited.  Known for blending influences from Alternative, Pop and Electronic music, neena’s ability to cross over and appeal to a wide range of fans is impressive to say the least. 

The video is a whole different story.  The beautifully shot, magnificently directed visuals follow a dystopian civilization – Residents of a town celebrating the 30th anniversary of the construction of the Great Wall that was created to protect them from the dangers outside.  The stark storyline raises provocative questions about the current choices we face every day.  The game the characters could be playing may stand as mirror images of our contemporary selves.

Personally I am in love with everything about this release.  Do yourself a favor and watch the video.

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