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Neil March Releases Atmospheric EP ‘Alternatives To Despair’

Neil March is back with another incredibly crafted EP. ‘Alternatives To Despair’ is the latest edition to his ever-evolving discography and, honestly, it’s truly stunning. Neil March is a composer on the rise this year, as BBC Introducing have already had their ears pricked by the tantalising tones of Neil’s musicianship. Whilst the BBC Radio 3 presenter Max Reinhardt describes Neil March as combining avant-garde tendencies and pop sensibilities, it’s evident Neil is carving a space just for him in the modern musical landscape today. As well as conceiving captivating tracks, Neil March also runs Trust The Doc Radio, TV and Blog; you know, just casually running an incredibly inclusive platform whilst composing stunning songs. 

‘Alternatives To Despair’ is made up of four tracks running rich with musical magic. The EP is compiled of four parts, each part divulging into a different phase of Neil’s existence. I would argue, however, that something lies within each sonic landscape that is unwaveringly nostalgic and touching. We hear Neil’s vocals for the first time since he started his musical ventures in 2017 and, boy, do they sound good. With masterful manipulation, Neil has channelled the completely comforting sound of a Welsh Valley Male Choir, which not only thickens but brings alive the expertly crafted bed of sonic life beneath it. With another lockdown dampening our days right now, I would highly suggest losing yourself in the stunning sonic universe of Neil March’s latest EP ‘Alternatives To Despair’. 

Check Out Neil March (Trust The Doc) on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

Listen to ‘Alternatives To Despair’ on SPOTIFY HERE

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