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Neo Noir Kicks Off 2018 with ‘Made for You’

Since forming in the beginning of 2017, LA based future music collective NEO NOIR, have released a number of we’ll received singles and show no sign of letting up.

While Bradley Allan & Greg Ogan already had some massive credits to their names including, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, Brandi, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and more – they came together for NEO NOIR as a passion project to create music collaborations with talented singers that share their artistic vision.  One such collaborator is Brooke Williams, who was not only featured on their debut, but is also back on their latest, “Made for You”.

Serving as their first release of the year (with a promise of a lot more to come), NEO NOIR’s new release is a moody piece of Pop leaning Electronica.  While Brooke Williams seduces on the vocal front, the production slowly builds via deep basses and ethereal pads leading up to a heavy drop laden with massive stabs and a rippling vocal infused lead.

What I love most about this track is the space that NEO NOIR allows to hang around during the verses – making sure the vocals pop.  Some light rhythmic piano and not much more carry the progression and leave you wanting more – which is delivered in the hook.

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