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New album "Turquoise Hands" from Ohio duo Univore embodies the abstract

Long time band Univore returns with their newest body of work Turquiose Hands.

One of Univore's greatest qualities is how difficult they make it to define their music. Any idea you may have had about them from a previous record goes out the door once they release something new. The band takes their listeners on a mesmerizing journey through uncharted sonic territories. When going into a Univore record, all you can expect is the unexpected.

Turquiose Hands doesn't disappoint, with intricate guitar riffs, hypnotic rhythms, ethereal synths, and soul-stirring vocals. The album feels more like a journey from start to finish than anything they've released before. The tracks flow into each other elegantly - everything is beautifully intertwined with genre-bending arrangements.

Notable tracks from the project include "Mister Good Vibes", an island track with elegant piano riffs and luscious horns, as well as "Path to a Moment" - something straight out of the 80's that somehow manages to still feel fresh and exciting.

Turquoise Hands marks Univore’s eighth studio album, and it seems as though their ideas get larger and grander with each full release. Nicholas Flandro and David Bachmann are the two frontrunners of the band UNIVORE. They’ve been collaborating since their high school days in Northeast Ohio on various artistic endeavors, the most recent and longest-running being UNIVORE. They now collaborate remotely, with Flandro in Los Angeles and Bachmann in Akron, Ohio.


UNIVORE has released eight studio albums, including Casale Project (2010), Love Letters (2011), Beasts From a Silk Womb (2013), Mysteries (2015), Time Crystal (2017), Conch (2018), Sympathetic Vibrations (2020), and Turquoise Hands (2023).

The band collaborated with several artists over the years, including Chicago-based artist Marco Casale, composer Bryan Doherty, saxophonist Louis Stockwell, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sagan Jacobson, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lori LeChien, multi-instrumentalist and composer Levi Gillis, multi-instrumentalist and composer Liam Cloyd and multi-instrumentalist Shea Marshall.

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