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New Artist Dylan Releases Second Single ‘Sour Milk’ [VIDEO]

The UK has a future Pop powerhouse on the rise – and her name is Dylan.  Discovered by the team behind international superstar Ed Sheeran, teen sensation Dylan is now poised to make some major waves.  Since releasing her debut single, “Bad Bitches Beat Heartbreak”, she has quickly garnered attention from tastemakers far and wide while also locking in a number of gigs across Europe.  

Following up on her debut, Dylan has recently unleashed her latest bop, titled, “Sour Milk”, along with an official video.  The flawless new tune brings a beat driven, rhythmic production laden with keys, percussion and deep basslines, leaving plenty of space for her impressive, dynamic, raw vocals to cut through.  About the tune, Dylan says, “Sour Milk is about the push and pull of a relationship; not wanting someone when they’re around but craving them when they’re distant. I tend to find stupid reasons to call it quits with someone, and then immediately regret it when they leave; it’s a constant rollercoaster of feelings and not knowing what you want.

With two stellar releases under her belt, Dylan is now set to release her debut EP, “Purple”, later this year.  Speaking on the projects title, she says, “It’s such a dark, deep, rich colour.  So it’s the theme for the songs: the colour of bruises, and mystery… and, to be honest, of the studio!” 

If her first two releases are any indication of what we can expect from the EP, I have no doubt it is going to be a stunner.  Hop on the bandwagon now – Dylan is going to be making some major moves – don’t miss out.

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