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New Comer Tomas Welding Offers a Summer Love INDIE/POP Jam- GO THE DISTANCE

Hailing from Iceland; this up and comer, Tomas Welding, has delivered a new single, GO THE DISTANCE. The snappy, clappy, feel-good jam is perfect for sipping beers around a fire on the beach or taking a moment for a quick dance with your lover in the parking lot! “Go the Distance is a song purely made to bring out smiles during the summer time. It’s written from the point of view of a young man in love – and celebrating that. The phrase “You make me go the distance” is him stating that he’d do anything for her.”, says Tomas. Smiles are definitely present while this record is spinning! With it’s upbeat tempo, synth overtones, and rhythm driven melody the tune is guaranteed to have you high on life. Welding’s smooth and polished vocals echo in your head with positive lyrics, bringing out the young lover in all of us.

One thing is for sure, Tomas Welding‘s new single and career have a future as bright as the Northern Lights! Keep an eye on this new-kid-on-the-block!!!!

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