• Nicholas Zallo

New Jamar Rogers Hits the Mark

Jamar Rogers is back once again with an incredible new release!

Arrows“, the lead single from his forthcoming project, “Tribe of Lazarus“, is as energetic as it is soulful and features up and coming LA based rapper Rila.  As usual, Jamar Rogers carries the tune with catchy lyrics and an impeccable delivery.

Produced by Joei Jo, the track features smooth keys and afro infused percussion that perfectly supports the incredible performance by Jamar.

Building up, the song develops over time leading up to the smooth verse from Rila that perfectly complements the powerful vocals.

With remixes by Chris Sammarco, Eduardo Garcia, Peppe  Nastri & Franco Cleopatra, the entire package knocks, crossing it over from a radio friendly R&B/Soul tune to a dance floor filler.

Out now on Tommy Boy Ent. –

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