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New single 'Step Into Love' by Sweet Imperfections is the perfect Valentine's Day sonic love affair

"Step Into Love", the new single out today by Sweet Imperfections,is an invitation to step out of shame and into love. Inspired by a fight with lead singer Bri Schillings’ real-life partner, the song's honest story is what makes it so meaningful.

Sonically, "Step Into Love" is a dreamy, psychedelic pop song that mixes Mazzy Star's dreamy pop with Fleetwood Mac's soft rock intimacy.

An alternative dream-pop piece with beautifully chilled vocals and soothing guitar chords, "Step Into Love" is both heartfelt and dramatic.

Bri Schillings leads Sweet Imperfections, a collective of Southern California's most talented musicians and songwriters.

A renowned producer, engineer, and guitarist, Chad Schlosser, first came into contact with Bri in 2022. Among the artists and musicians Chad worked with were Cage the Elephant, Muse, LP, Billy Gibbons, Matt Sorum, and ZZ Top. In transferring the sound to an indie rock vibe, Chad brought an upbeat, powerful sound to the music.

After that, they brought in percussionist Michael Johnson, bassist Shawn Barry, and keyboardist Jeffery Howell, while Greg Cahill plays acoustic guitar. It is clear that the band is flourishing together and taking their creative flows to new heights.

For more on Sweet Imperfections, be sure to follow them across their socials:

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