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New Track: ‘Bitter’ By Evie Irie

Melancholic Vibes from the singer-songwriter

It is impossible not to relate to the phrase ‘Never burn a Bridge ‘cause you’re a real good swimmer, If you start to look around everybody else is winning…’. Having a feeling that you have accomplished someting, only to realize that the competition was tougher than it really is is a universal feeling. Evie Irie expresses this feeling in a beautiful way through ‘Bitter’ an emotional but anthemic song that reflects her struggles while also encouraging you to never give up.

The Australian born and Nashville based Artist has just signed with Republic Records and is set to conquer the charts with this song, and its only the beggining. The song is extremely personal and it feels like it was composed through a moment of ditress but whats amazing is how it encourages you to not give up.

Evie’s voice sits on top of this beautiful track that starts with an acoustic guitar but inadvertedly launches you into the chorus which screams “bitter’ over and over. The entrance into the chorus sparks a feeling of catharsis onto the listener and exposes how it is accepted to not feel well and we should all be proud of our achievements, even if there is competition.

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