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Newly Formed The Tuesday Crew Delivers the Vibes on ‘Summer Lovin’ [VIDEO]

A late night meet up in a basement on a Tuesday in May resulted in the release of a relatable, feel-good jam from the aptly named, “The Tuesday Crew”. Jordy Searcy, the up and coming singer/songwriter teams up with the 22 y/o crooner Stephen Day, who draws comparisons to Allen Stone to offer soft, soulful vocals atop a simple melodic beat aided by the occasional guitar riff.

The Southern natives share a strong chemistry that is evident from the first harmony, and only amplifies as they trade off verses. The beat evokes feelings of strolling through a park on a Sunday afternoon with a significant other in–you guessed it–summer.

Lyrically, the two tackle a momentous question that has faced generation upon generation: what to do with your summer. Their resolution, sung so smoothly, will have you calling people this August you didn’t even know you wanted to see.

With this song being the first project from the, “The Tuesday Crew”, collaboration, we are psyched to hear what the future has in store for this seriously groovy crew.

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