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Next up: Shishi x Daramola

Good Love is a straight banger, In this upbeat and fast moving song ShiShi comes through with an incredibly rhythmic beat which is accompanied with a captivating yet smooth vocal performance from (up and coming star) Daramola. ShiShi is an Indian-American DJ and producer who creates energetic and vibrant mixes in both the Pop, electronic and Dancehall music spaces.

This is the second collaboration between the two, the first song they put out is called Give Me Love which is also a quality track and if you enjoyed Good Love I’m sure you’ll like this one as well. You can easily see the progression between the two songs as Good Love hits a bit harder as it has a more confident and charismatic quality to it.

Both artists have great musical chemistry as the beat and vocals work so well in tandem. What do you have left? A song about sex, love and about being “drama free” and straight to the point. Daramola is a Nigerian born and Miami based singer, songwriter and an award winning producer. Miami, being a very DJ driven city is the perfect environment for the kind of music that he’s making and because of that he’s an up and coming talent on the scene.

The song is incredibly multifaceted in that it’s like if R&B met Electronic and Pop. It is very much a fusion of sound which becomes clear since the musical backgrounds of Shishi and Daramola are so different considering their varied musical upbringings. The outcome of that fact is a sound that has a uniqueness about it that doesn’t clash with each other but rather is complimentary to each other.

Stay tuned for more from the duo and check out their individual tracks!

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