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Next Up: This Week, April 21st [PLAYLIST]

This week, our Next Up playlist showcases some brilliant artists writing truly inspiring and diaristic music. Featuring the spunk of LØLØ, the heartfelt words of emawk, and dreamy melodies of Ashe, you’re sure to find an artist you’ll love. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know what’s Next Up!

Spencer. – “Genesis”

Jelani Aryeh – “Marigold”

Ralph – “Tommy”

LØLØ – “death wish”

Leah Sykes – “Dying Here”

Tishmal – “Bed of Roses”

Alex Mansoor – “i wrote this when i was mad”

Faime – “Say You Won’t Leave Me”

Julia Michaels – “Love Is Weird”


WYLDE – “Violet”

Gentle Bones, Clara Benin – “A Day At A Time”

Bianca Rose, Jake Isaac – “Skin”

Calica – “Drive Slow”

Emily Weisband – “Indie Movie Zoomout Moment”

Christian Kuria – “23rd Street”

Ashe – “When I’m Older”

Kyle Lux – “222”

Kid Bloom – “Control”

Jimi Somewhere – “The World”

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