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Next Up: This Week, April 7th [PLAYLIST]

This week, our Next Up playlist showcases various artists strutting around the scene. Featuring the killer songwriting skills of Wolf, the carefree vibes of Between Friends, and the bounce of Kota the Friend, find your next obsession here. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know what’s Next Up!

Wolf – “Hydra”

young friend – “PINCH ME”

Chiara Young – “Fake Friends”

valentina cy – “Begging”

Between Friends – “i like you”

Abe Parker – “Don’t Want To Be Alone”

TRACES – “Bow to Me”

Lourdiz – “Circles”

Tony Ferrari, Grace Grundy – “Let’s Buy a House”

jeymon – “Lucidity”

Holly Humberstone – “Haunted House”

NewDad – “Hide”

KALI – “I Just Wanna”

Delacey – “Boy With The Blues”

Chiiild, Mahalia – “Awake”

Satya – “Summertime”

Kota the Friend – “Luke Cage”

Shanté – “Party On Mars”


Zak Abel – “Be Kind”

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