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Next Up: This Week, December 9th [PLAYLIST]

You might think that the month of December means it’s time to roll out the red carpet for holiday music. But we’re still indulging in a ton of new music by spectacular indie artists. This week, our Next Up playlist is spotlighting many artists utilizing this last month to their full advantage. Featuring a debut single from Reuben Hester, the rebel heart of Call Me Karizma, an iconic “fuck ’em” tune from Charlotte Sands, and Italian electronic funk from Gran Error, follow the playlist to always know what’s Next Up.

Charlotte Sands – Dress

Amanda Aasa – Salma dina tanker

Devin Kennedy – Loose Change

Lily Lewis – Radio Silence

townsend – Responsible

Vera Blue – Lie To Me

Sliim Bambino – PALE BLUE DOT

Tobias Dray & Abel. – Baddest

palmboy – Sophie

Aman Sheriff – Let Me Down

whatshisface – magic disaster

KOPS – Little Lady

Maella – Downtown

Call Me Karizma – Fire Escape

Gran Error & Alfie Arcuri – Buona sera

Reuben Hester – Sold My Soul

deryk – goodtimes

TOLEDO – Challenger

Chloe Tang – Copycat

Ruuth – Out Of The Picture

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