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NEXT UP: This Week, January 27th [PLAYLIST]

January is almost over, yet there’s plenty of new music to dive into as we close out the first month of 2021. this week, our Next Up playlist covers some of the best tracks to hit streaming services. From the soothing voice of Sean Kennedy, the ultimate cool girl vibes of Charlotte Cardin, and hard-hitting words of Rico Nasty, we’ve curated a list of jams to carry you through this week. Check it out below and follow the playlist to always know what’s Next Up!

Boy In Space – “Dance Alone”

BRDGS – “Even If I Could (I Wouldn’t)”

Charlotte Cardin – “Daddy”

LANKS – “Cold Blood”

Dylan Dunlap – “Follow My Echo”

Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – “this is how you fall in love”

Jake Isaac, Samm Henshaw, Mumu Fresh – “Remember”

chillpill, Rico Nasty, Soleima – “LiLBiTcH”

CLOVES – “Sicko”

Ben Kessler – “Cruise Control”

Leah Sykes – “Sorry to the Waitress”

Sean Kennedy – “Nothing Reminds Me of You”

FJ Law – “tongue tied”

Karen Harding, Shift K3Y – “Morning”

Dennis Lloyd – “Anxious”

Ives – “Let Me Know”

Soran – “Bottled Up”

Charlie Houston – “Calls”

Tate McRae – “Rubberband”

Cait – “I Was Never Here”

Jordan Mackampa – “Over & Out”

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