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Next Up: This Week, March 24th [PLAYLIST]

This week, our Next Up playlist carries a variety of artists and songs you need to hear this week. Featuring the out-of-this-world style of Boy In Space, the boldness of Houston Kendrick, and the classic indie girl touch of Charlie Houston, this week’s playlist contains your next obsession. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know what’s Next Up!

Lauren Sanderson – “Hi.”

Boy In Space – “Remember Me”

Sarah Kinsley – “Karma”

Houston Kendrick – “Ugly Vibes”

The Million – “Rebound”

Nina Baumer – “What Happens in Love”

Paige Eliza – “Her”

LOVA – “Older Overnight”

Drew Schueler – “Lovely Girl”

Great Good Fine Ok, Emily Burns – “Could Be Us”

KiD RAiN – “Accidentally in Love”

Riley Whittaker – “Billy”

Kid Travis – “Won’t Let Me Go”

Kennen – “Timothée Chalamet”

Charlie Houston – “Things”

Grace Savage – “Rag Doll”

Surya – “Crazy Over You”

Matthew Chaim – “Island”

Red Ribbon – “Renegade”

Ben Kessler – “Everything to Everyone”

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