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Next Up: This Week, May 12th [PLAYLIST]

Back again with our first playlist for the month of may. This week, our NEXT UP playlist is packed with a load of gems that are sure to perk your ears. Featuring the elated nature of Chaz Cardigan, the haunting vocals of CLOVES, and the heartfelt messages of Dylan Dunlap, you’re sure to find an artist you’ll love. Check it out and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know who’s Next Up!

Alfie Templeman – “Wait, I Lied”

Chaz Cardigan – “Feels Like I Know You”

LA WOMEN – “Slow Down”

GOLDSPACE – “Better Than I Was”

Louis The Child, A R I Z O N A – “So What”

KALI – “Too Tired”

CLOVES – “Nightmare”

Dana Williams – “Bad Decisions”

FJ Law – “catching 22”

Maeta – “Bitch Don’t Be Mad”

Chiiild – “Gone”

Ayelle – “Triste”

Joy Oladokun – “sorry isn’t good enough”

Dylan Dunlap – “Serotonin”

Ashlynn Malia – “open”

Spritely – “Johnnie Walker”

Issey Cross – “Boys Make Promises”

Annika Rose – “HYPOCRITE”

WRENN – “Your Friends Like Me Better”

NoMBe – “Something To Hold Onto”

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