• Nicholas Zallo

Nice Vibes from Romania [VIDEO]

Before this track landed in my inbox, it was already taking over in the artists home country of Romania.  Reaching #1 on national radio, trending at the top of the charts on YouTube Romania and also reaching #1 on Shazam Romania, Mihail once again delivers, doing what he does what he does best – channeling his emotions and personal experiences into this brand new track, “Who You Are“.

Looking to reach a broader audience, he recoded a full English version of the track along with a captivating video that only helps you fall in love with Mihail even more.  Beyond his catchy melodies and raw vocals, his energy is next level.  Quirky, energetic and free spirited are three words that come to mind when watching the video.

Do yourself a favor and check Mihail out to better understand why Romania can’t get enough of this passionate artist.

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