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Nick Klyne Drops Hopeful New Single "If The Sky Falls Down"

While Nick Klyne's initial success may have come as 1/2 of Electro-Pop duo Klyne, since launching his solo project in 2020, he has more than proved himself as a standalone power player. As part of Klyne, Nick found himself performing for massive audiences, supporting Years & Years, and Christine and the Queens on tour while also drawing impressive crowds at SXSW and in major cities around the world including, NYC, London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

The Dutch singer/songwriter, hailing from a small-town, has already made some major waves in the industry thank to his incredibly soulful voice and impeccable writing abilities. Since launching his solo project, he has been able to rack up millions of streams while securing a devoted and engaged fanbase thanks to a steady stream of top-notch tunes. Thanks to his energetic performances, dynamic vocals and incredibly polished productions, everything he has released so far has been able to cut through, ensuring that with time, his music will be sure to last and connect longterm.

His latest single, "If The Sky Falls Down," is an emotive and empowering song, full of hope, uplifting melodies and inspiring lyrics. Co-written with Joel Sjoo of Rotterdam, his new tune is inspired by personal challenges and touches on the struggle so many of us face when trying to stay optimistic when faced with all of the bad in the world. Yet another stellar addition to his catalog, "If The Sky Falls Down," brings a universal message wrapped in a perfectly executed production and driven home by Nick Klyne's beautiful performance. This one is well worth a listen. Do yourself a favor and give it a go.

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