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NICKNAMES delivers a grunge pop rock ultimatum with "Go Big or Go Home"

There is a moment in one's life, especially in the diaspora of today's existence, where you just have to be like "I'm Done" You're finished, you're burning down the positions of power and you "Go Big or Go Home"

Irrespective of what going big means, Nicknames create a sound that elevates your emotions, feeds your grunge soul, reinvigorates your punk rock veins and takes you for a stroll through the alley, throwing bottles as you go.

The track feeds the ideologies of going for the finish line, hitting every mark you can and not settling for the small, the unfinished or the unsatisfying, it's pure chaos and it's concentrated confidence.

Nicknames have dropped their name in the fires of grunge pop royalty and best believe it's going to burn brighter with their sound.

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