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Nicky Romero Teams up with Taio Cruz for New Tune

While we tend to favor the underground and search for the rising artists of the world, every so often we can’t help but show some love to the people who no longer really need it.  Case in point – this new Nicky Romero & Taio Cruz jam.

Both artists are next level as you must know, but it is the direction of this new single that caught my attention.  Far from the massive, main stage EDM bombs that Nicky built his career on, the new collab is a radio friendly, Pop leaning, Future Bass infused jam.  With Taio bringing his signature, saucy vocals to the track, Nicky builds a vibrant and bubbly bounce that is for sure nothing like what you’ve heard from him yet.

The track follows Nicky’s successful single, “Where Would We Be“, with singer ROZES released earlier this year, which they performed live on Good Morning America and Conan O’Brien.  Personally, I love seeing the new direction he is going in and I am sure he will have just as much success with the more commercial releases (if not more) than he did as a leader of the EDM world.

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