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Nightcars Unveil New Single ‘The Call’

There is something fresh bubbling in Madrid.  Comprised of Nick, Cial and Mebs, buzzing Indie-Alternative outfit Nightcars have been turning heads since the release of their debut EP in 2017.  Carried by the single, “Neon Girl“, the project went on to be featured on several prominent Youtube channels and Spotify playlists.  Blending sounds from across the musical spectrum and from nearly every decade, Nightcars find experimentation to be a major part of what they do.

Now with a new EP in the works for later on this year, Nightcars have released a new single titled, “The Call“, and it is a smooth and groovy ethereal jam.  With lush layers of synths, funky guitar rhythms, soaring vocals, wild sax solos and slick harmonies, the new tune brings a bit of everything, perfectly crafted for pure enjoyment.  The mid-tempo tune brings enough groove to get you moving while also feeling totally free and airy with intricate embellishments popping in and out to keep the listener hooked.

About the tune, Nick says, “Sometimes when I am writing songs, I like to play a little with the contrast between music and lyrics. The Call starts with a very powerful boom, as if it was announcing ‘’I AM FUCKING HERE! ‘’ you know? … But as the vocals come in, you suddenly encounter this kind of chill vibe, a bit shyer.  The lyric is about the feeling of being vulnerable, the fear of failing at something so simple… like when you know you can do it, but there is something inside you that just doesn’t make it that simple so u actually don’t want to try. I think what I wanted to express with this song that sudden confidence you get to overcome your fear of doing something you wished for, but constantly duel with yourself in the process.

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