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Nina Baumer Can’t Break Her Toxic “Bad Excuse”

LA-based Aussie Nina Baumer isn’t letting 2020 keep her from releasing new music. Now having spent a year in Los Angeles, this pop-star-in-the-making has emerged to usher in a new wave of music starting with her single “Bad Excuse.”

The pop tune is a polished work that ticks every box of a radio-ready bop. Baumer’s powerful vocals are on full display while a funky bass line drives an infectious groove that could have you tapping your foot for hours or singing into your hair brush as you get ready for a socially-distanced hang. With catchy phrases like “you’re on me like a bad tattoo” and “you ghost me, then you text me til you get what you want,” Baumer goes through a list of red flags and yet still runs back to the same stud. Who else can relate?

Shining through the track is fine tuned production reflecting Baumer’s confidence in her refined sound and leveling herself up since we last listened to “I Can Do Better.” Speaking on the song’s development, Baumer says:

“‘Bad Excuse’ was written about a not so great person with four of my great friends. The session, which turned into writing ‘Bad Excuse,’ was initially not even for me as an artist. We all just wanted to get into a session, write, play and create.”

“Bad Excuse” is a PSA: stay alert for more certified bops from this pop artist!

Photo credit: Isabella Grossling

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