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Nina Sky Take it ‘Nice & Slow’

NYC twin sisters Nina Sky have been tearing up charts for years now… and for good reason.  With their beautiful harmonies, unique edge and larger than life personalities they are one of the most adored duo out of the Big Apple.

While people are still bumping their biggest hits in almost every bar/club in America on a nightly basis, they don’t let their prior success slow them down.  Just last year they dropped this under the radar smash….

Luckily for us, they have just dropped a new tune… and it is a bomb.  With the 20th anniversary of Usher‘s breakthrough album, “My Way“, last month, Nina Sky have teamed up with Electric Bodega and 1WayTkt to recreate, “Nice & Slow“.  While maintaining the sex appeal of the original, they have pushed the tempo and turned it into a Deep House infused club smash.

Heavy basses, chopped and screwed vocals, and pounding drums perfectly transform the classic into something moody, fresh and energetic for Nina Sky to flex on.  Remaking a classic like this is never an easy feat, but Nina Sky have pulled it off impeccably – Putting their own twist on it while being able to capture the essence of the original perfectly.

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