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Noah Vernon Applies a Nostalgic Feel to "IN TOO DEEP!"

An upbeat record reminiscent of 90's alt-pop, 'IN TOO DEEP!" provides a relatable storyline paired brilliantly with recognizable melodies meant to outline a chaotic yet all too knowable narrative. Speaking to the universal theme of being in love with someone who creates chaos in your life, Vernon demonstrates a brilliant back and forth with a situation he just can't seem to pull himself out of. The song reflects on the moment of realization that one has when they finally come to know that they've been too deeply invested in a toxic relationship.

The Australian singer-songwriter on the rise delivers dark, fervent melodies as a backdrop to conversations about everyday life, mental health, love and loss. His timeless sound stems from musical influences Bazzi, blackbear, Quinn XCII, Jeremy Zucker and many more. Vernon has found himself building a loyal legion of fans across social media with the release of only a few singles and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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