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Norwegian dream pop band MARBLES share video for indie pop jam "Heading Out"

Hailing from Kolbotn, the black metal capital of Norway, the dream pop group shares a music video for their recent track about escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a summer adventure

Photo credit: Marcus Widmer and Marius Ringen

After releasing a new single "Heading Out" earlier this summer, today the dream pop act MARBLES have shared a music video for the track that makes literal the song's lyrics of "heading out" from the big city for a weekend away. As the video’s protagonist (band member Ferdinand Windmer) leaves his stuffy office job and unveils the vintage car from its covering (seen above), his business suit is replaced with a superhero cape and he sets out into the open wilderness. "Heading Out" is a breezy and undeniable summer bop, blending the carefree indie rock of bands like Wild Nothing with a touch of Toro Y Moi synth funk.

The cover art (pictured above) is an old photo of Marbles drummer Marius Ringen’s father, which Marius says “captur[es] a specific and beautiful moment in his life - taken in 1989. A frightening leap leading to a feeling of freedom and exhilarating reward.”

Describing their inspiration behind the song and why they chose it as the first teaser of their new album, the band said that they hoped to encapsulate in the song the feeling of excitement and anticipation that comes with any time you get a chance to “head out” from the big city to escape; whether that be just a quick bike ride down to the river or a weekend-long camping trip. As they clarify, “It’s not just about the luxury of being able to travel, it’s about finding your own little precious moment amidst your normal day to day situation. Maybe even just in your mind and with your imagination! Being aware of a contrast between your everyday life and what you feel can be - and what you can do. Defining it is up to you.”

"Heading Out" is the first new MARBLES material since their self titled debut MARBLES from 2022

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