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august brodie brings back early 2000‘s pop/punk with the new single, INHALE EXHALE, off his upcoming EP. The sophomore track from the EP, INHALE EXHALE rocks like the next-door-neighbors band practicing, in the basement.

With purposefully lo-fi instrumental recording sound at a high production level, august brodie contrasts the single by adding extra–produced vocals with an auto-tune/flange effect, causing a collision between the old and new that can’t help but make you smile while you vigourously swing your head and sing-a-long!

The entire EP Tell Your Friends, is based around this concept, but INHALE EXHALE is the flagship-standout jam, holding the flag and screaming “i’m here to f*cking party!

The Canadian multi-genre artist, august brodie, is fairly new to the scene but has already notched his bedpost quite a few times. Emerging in 2018, the talented young artist has already accrued 100’s of thousands of Spotify streams and even has his very own MTV music video.

Over the course of his so-far-short but successful career, august brodie has spanned genres of hip-hop, R&B, POP, and even emo/punk rock. It’s clear that with chops like his, and the versatility he’s shown thus far, august brodie is here to stay.

Listen to more music from august brodie, here:

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